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Introducing Hearthside Chats...

a fireside chat about the heart!


Each conversation will feature a specific topic on women's health, and be discussed by top specialists in their fields. The event will be held in a private home by a lovely host, and a small group of guests will be present to ask questions of the panel. These chats will also be livestreamed on our YouTube channel where you can listen, learn and ask YOUR questions!

Can't make it live? You can watch the event recording afterwards! We are hoping that this new program will help spread awareness of women's heart disease in a unique way, and that our heart healthy community will grow around the world!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be alerted to new Hearthside Chats!

Our second Hearthside Chat "Getting to the Heart of Inflammation" was livestreamed this past November and featured a lively discussion on the heart and inflammation with

Rheumatologist Dr. Amy Kehl + Cardiologist Dr. Christiane Schaeffler

and moderated by Cardiologist Dr. Nicole Weinberg.

Our first Hearthside Chat was livestreamed on YouTube on Sunday, April 30th and featured

Dr. Marisa Chang Dr. Alexandra Lajoie and was moderated by Dr. Nicole Weinberg

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