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To kick off our #iheart2walk campaign, Cassandra Ashley organized our "Yoga on the Beach" function. Mrs. D generously donated her time to exercise us on a beautiful Sunday morning.  Twenty people gathered in Palisades Park including many Pacific Heart Institute physicians and staff.  A special thanks to the Providence Saint John's Foundation for their support.  


In cooperation with the St. John's Health Center Foundation, we hosted our Caregiver Wellness Walk on April 21st, 2017.​ The event was designed to educate participants on how to burn calories and relieve stress during a lunch break.  Thank you to everyone who came out!  Check out the pictures by clicking on the gallery on the left.

Hospital Week and Nurses Week

Take the time this month to promote heart disease awareness.  We thank Denise Jones and the outstanding nursing staff at UCLA Hospital for hosting a heart healthy and colorful lunch. 


We raise a glass in celebration of heart disease awareness for our #iheart2walk June function. Thanks to Jennifer Fleming and the nurses in our Los Angeles community, we learned about heart disease awareness and some of the benefits of wine. It was a beautiful afternoon to try wonderful wine, gather with friends and learn how we can prevent the leading cause of death.


Our very own, Michele Padilla, climbed Mount Shasta in the name of heart awareness!  She and her family hiked past waterfalls, reached mountain tops and took some deep breaths, all to keep their hearts healthy and their minds clear.  We celebrate Michele and her family and hope you have enjoyed a much needed vacation over the summer.


On July 29th, Tatiana Shatalova took some of her friends on a bike ride from Providence St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica to the beach.  In an effort to get everyone more heart healthy for the summer, they checked their heart rates with bike riding and then worked on mindfulness with yoga poses.  Congratulations to Tatiana's team of athletes!