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Annual Summer Retreat

Every year, Have a Heart Save a Heart hosts an annual retreat in June. Each participant who joined the retreat was a raffle winner from the Annual Women's Heart Symposium hosted in February. 

The 2022 annual summer retreat was held at the Four Seasons Westlake Village, California. 

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Healing the Heart through Art

Keynote speaker, Edie Matilda Moses, led us on a personal journey with her art therapy skills – the participants learned about how to communicate what is going on in our body through art. Edie explained that through sublimation we can express symptoms within our body to get a better understanding of why they are happening and how to fix the symptoms. Edie further taught the participants to remember that 'what the mind forgot, the body did not'.

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Yoga with Jill Dyck was a practice of joy and flow–the participants stretched into many positions amidst the beautiful gardens of the Four Seasons Westlake Village. Jill has joined our retreats in the past and she always creates a fantastic healing journey for the participants. The session ended with a cold eucalyptus towel and an Instagram photo.

Soul Food

Demo and dine is always a hit–the participants learned about food while joining in an interactive learning of cooking and technique. The Westlake Village had a fantastic showroom kitchen where a dietician and a chef work hand in hand with camera angles and large TV scenes so that everyone could see every cut and slice. The group then was able to eat it all knowing that they were feasting on food that was good for the heart and soul.

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Setting Intentions

As if the complete day wasn't enough, the group then ventured into the spa for treatments, relaxation and pool time. All in all the day was a special time to reflect and remember how good our body is to us and how important it is to take care of it. This was a time for many of the participants to set new intentions based on their experiences of the day and move forward with new found knowledge.

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